Counterparts – Private Room

Has it really been a year already since the release of “You’re Not You Anymore”?

To me, it still feels like yesterday, but Counterparts know better than to let their fans wait for new music for too long. Their jokingly self-deprecating approach to the “Private Room” EP reveal indicates that nothing much has changed in their mindset.

The three songs are b-sides from both “Tragedy Will Find Us” and “You’re Not You Anymore”, but frankly, they don’t sound or feel like b-sides. Where TWFU and YNYA were pensive, an attempt at coping, comfort and coming to terms for both the writer and the listener, Private Room is more urgently aiming to resolve the issues. Tied to the previous full-lengths -among other aspects- by means of parallels in the lyrics (like in “Monument” / “Bouquet” from YNYA), it becomes obvious that the band put a lot of thought into this release.

When singer Brendan Murphy warned that they would not be slowing down, the ensuing expectations were those of a somewhat stagnant path for now, but this is

a notable progression from prior works that feels like a whole new era.

Faultless Rating: ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔


The Magic Gang @ Privatclub, Berlin, Germany (14/10/2018)

The Story So Far @ Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany (28/09/2018)

Citizen @ Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany (28/09/2018)

All Get Out @ Bi Nuu, Berlin, Germany (28/09/2018)

The Used @ Zeche, Bochum, Germany (21/08/2018)

Crywank @ Zukunft am Ostkreuz, Berlin, Germany (19/08/2018)